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Call the way you want with all the features that you need

ImpactConnect gives you control over your calls.


Control Your Calls
With The Features You Want.

ImpactConnect offers more than 30 different features to control the way you use your phone. Three-way calling on the fly or Do Not Disturb when you need it. Forward your calls when you’re on the phone or set up a Speed Dial for your frequent calls. ImpactConnect puts you in control of your calls and your costs.

All ImpactConnect plans come with


CellConnect lets you take your ImpactConnect service with you to up to 3 other registered telephone numbers. With CellConnect you can make calls from any type of phone, including cell phones without smartphone capabilities.

Voice Mail

Voice Mail allows callers to leave messages when you are not available to answer your phone.

Call Back

Provides you the time and telephone number of the last received call and enables an immediate call back.

Call Waiting

Signals an incoming call while you are on the phone with another caller. You can switch between active calls using the same phone.

Caller ID

Transmits a caller’s number and name to your telephone during ringing.

Last Number Redial

Calls the last number you dialed without re-entering the number


Redials the number of your last outgoing call without entering the digits.

These features are available at no additional cost,
and are easily managed on
the MyAccount site.
Advanced features include

Anonymous Call Rejection

Blocks calls for callers who have an anonymous or unknown Caller ID

Call Block

Blocks calls from numbers you designate. Change your block list on the MyAccount site.

Call Forward

Redirects incoming calls to any other phone.

Do Not Disturb

Blocks all calls for when activated

Selective Call Rejection

Reject calls from specific numbers based on time of day or location.

Three Way Calls

On a call and need to add someone? Dial another number and have a 3rd caller placed
into the conversation.

Voice Mail to Email

Voice mail to Email sends voice mail messages as a.wav file directly to your email account.

Zone & Time Calling Restrictions

Select applicable date and time restrictions for outbound calling rules.

Zone & Time Answering Restrictions

Select applicable date and time restrictions for inbound calling rules.

And more are being added all the time

Coming Soon - Text Messaging, Virtual Fax and more…

All these features and the freedom to call from any device

The ImpactConnect App for Android and Apple for your smartphone and tablet
The web site from your Windows or Apple computer
The ImpactConnect VoxBox for your home phone