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Troubleshooting & Support

Troubleshooting & Support FAQ

Q: My calls have poor audio.

Audio quality depends on many different factors. ImpactConnect calls will work better using a wired connection such as the ImpactConnect VoxBox. Wi-Fi availability, signal strength and quality will have an effect on the audio quality of your call if you are using a computer or tablet.

If you are using a cellular data network, you might experience issues due to cell tower location and cellular reception. Also, the quality of the cellular device may play a part as well.

Q: I cannot get to the MyAccount portal.

Verify using the correct URL for log in and that their Username and Password is correct. If they are still having an issue clear there browser cache and have them restart their machine and re-attempt.

Q: Will my ImpactConnect service work if I lose power?

The ImpactConnect VoxBox will not work without an external power source. The ImpactConnect App will continue to operate as long as your device has power and you can still access the web GUI from a smartphone.

Q: The User Portal is responding slowly.

Most MyAccount portal errors can be corrected by clearing your browser cache. Follow the clear browser cache instructions available here:

Q: What are the DTMF settings for the ImpactConnect service?

DTMF must be set RFC2833 only for the ImpactConnect phone service to work properly. Disable all other DTMF in your ImpactConnect App. These settings are preconfigured in the ImpactConnect App.

Q: On the MyAccount portal is a Ring for Seconds setting. What’s that do?

The Ring for Seconds setting determines how long your ImpactConnect number rings before it is transferred to your voice mail or other forwarding number.