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Port-in Guide

Guide to Keeping Your Existing Phone Number

ImpactConnect makes it easy to keep your number.

If you would like to transfer or port your existing number to the ImpactConnect service, there are some important points to keep to keep in mind

  • ImpactConnect cannot transfer disconnected numbers – DO NOT cancel your existing service if you wish to keep your number.
  • Once your number has been successfully transferred to ImpactConnect, you may contact your previous provider to cancel your service.
  • Please note that some numbers may not be transferrable. The ImpactConnect team will inform you if this is the case.

Transferring your number to ImpactConnect is as easy as clicking or giving us a call.

  • To sign up with ImpactConnect and keep your existing number, you can call one of our representatives at 1-855-678-1901, or visit our web site Sign Up Page.
  • On the ImpactConnect sign up page, select yes to keep your phone number in the Phone Number section and enter the existing number you would like to transfer.

  • We will start the process of porting your number by contacting your current company. Terminating service with a wire less company may require you to pay early termination fees under your existing contract. You are also usually required to pay any outstanding balance owed.
  • Once you request service from ImpactConnect and your number is confirmed transferrable, your existing provider cannot refuse to transfer or port your number even if you have an outstanding balance or owe termination fees.

The Transfer or Porting Period

Transfers of wireless numbers are often completed in two days. Landline transfers can take as long as 10 business days but are often completed in less than 5 business days. During the porting process, do not make any changes to your service or disconnect your existing number.